What is FESAN?

• The National Federation of Cooperative Water & Sanitation Services Ltda., FESAN, is a cooperative non-profit organization, established in 2008, representing cooperatives of water and sanitation in rural and suburban areas of Chile sector, with the aim of improving operational management and governance through strengthening their capabilities, and disseminate eco technologies for wastewater treatment.

• In February 2008 came the idea of creating an organization that based on cooperative principles, meet the W&S rural smaller operators in achieving common objectives, services, and its representation to public and private organizations.


Why FESAN emerged?

• It was a result of a report of the Water and Sanitation (WSP) of the World Bank in February 2007, when the possibilities of taking successful management models in the area of small water operators in Chile was glimpsed, and then replicate to national and Latin American level.

• After presenting several cases of successful cooperatives in workshops and conferences at national and international level, and the recognition of their peers and government entities emerged more strongly the idea of creating an organization that tied together these initiatives, able to replicate these models.


Who can participate?

• All Cooperatives and Committees of rural drinking water and sanitation from Chile, with their current legal situation, paying the incorporation and participation fees, may be FESAN partners.

• May also be nonprofit Legal Entities whose objectives are similar to the objectives of the Federation.


Who are the members of FESAN?

• FESAN is initially composed of five cooperatives representing 11,000 members, and 60,000 people.


Cooperativa Hospital-Champa Ltda.

Cooperativa Maule Ltda.

Cooperativa APR El Rosal.

Cooperativa La Compañía Ltda.

                      Cooperativa Aguas Requegua Ltda.


What is the mission of FESAN?

• Contribute to the professional development of management, technical, and administrative skills, between cooperatives and other organizations of rural water operators, in order to develop full power and capabilities of these institutions in the country’s progress.


What is the vision of FESAN?

• Be a cooperative organization of medium and small level cooperatives operating rural sanitation services, to provide related services, promote the strengthening of community organizations in rural W&S, and develop wastewater sanitation with Eco- technologies, representing with excellence and social responsibility the sector at national and international level.


What are the objectives of FESAN?

• Promote the development of organizational initiatives, technical training and institutional, economic and legal issues in order to strengthen the professionalism of the sector matters.

• To promote, assist and advise on technical, economic and operational all the initiatives and projects of production and distribution of drinking water, and also in the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater with eco technologies compatible with sustainable environmental development.

• Manage financing activities for the development of own programs and their partners to fund sustainable projects of water and sanitation.

• Encourage partnership and cohesiveness of the partners to achieve and raise their level of organization, economic, social and cultural, founded in the spirit of solidarity and mutual cooperation practice.

• Incorporate water and sanitation Cooperatives in implementing local and regional productive development programs that benefit its members, and represent them in the national cooperative movement.

• Coordinate the needs of the partners in operational management of services and infrastructure, in order to achieve economies of scale to improve efficiency through better administrative and operational management.





November  – Creation of FESAN


December  – The Board of Directors is established, and FESAN holds its meetings through an Executive Committee, to serve the needs of organization and implementation.



January   – Cooperative information is processed to select potential partner cooperatives in FESAN.

          French student request for an internship in March 2009.

          FESAN emails and the Web page are prepared.



          RUT and bank checking account are obtained, to begin activities with the IRS.

          Manufacture of stationery, and logo design

       –     Presentation to IDB financing.

       –     Confirmation of the intern to in March 2009



          Arrival of Intern Bastien Ghys, student of the Institute of Political Science of Grenoble, France, which engages in FESAN partner cooperatives, such as general meetings.



      –   We conducted a seminar for member and non-members cooperatives, with the objective of presenting FESAN, and training on issues to be met in their annual reports, as well as to discuss new rulings of the Department of Cooperatives, of the Ministry of Economy.



          Preparation of Strategic Plan 2009 – 2010, together with the fellow.

          Classification of the better management cooperatives to invite them to participate in FESAN

          The intern prepared a work to be presented at AGUA2009 event in Cali, Colombia, being accepted to participate.


          Roadshow to VII Region, based on Cooperative Maule to promote the accession of new members.


          Presentation of a paper prepared by the grantee to dotCoop Global Awards in Geneva, Switzerland, for disseminating the .coop domain, earning Honorable Mention.



          Conducting a Workshop on a congress Bill on rural Drinking Water, for cooperatives and organizations of the Metropolitan Region, in Santiago.



          Progress on the implementation of the Integrated System for Purchasing of equipment and materials.



          Partners Meeting


          Preliminary agreement of collaboration with ACIA Americas to advance on IT projects for Cooperatives and W&S rural services.



          Development of Collaboration Agreement between Superintendence of Sanitation Services, SISS – FESAN, to be signed in March 2010. Postponed by the earthquake.







January – February

          Presentation, in partnership with CIESCOOP from University of Santiago de Chile, of the project “Technological Improvement Program for W&S Cooperatives in Rural Areas” at INNOVA program – CORFO. Approved and in contract signing stage.


          Presentation of the Project “Technology Mission for knowledge of biological wastewater treatment systems,” to the IADB and UN-HABITAT. Approved and in stage of initiation.


          Earthquake in Chile, February 27, 2010, leaving some of our members with total losses, such as Hospital – Champa and Maule.



          FESAN gives its support and collaboration to affected partners, acquiring a container to install it as cooperative office in Hospital Champa.

          Discussions with the Ministry of Public Works are held, as well as cooperatives and international social economy entities, applications to embassies, requests the IADB, among others, to obtain resources for our members affected, since the financial capacity of FESAN is quite limited.



          Meeting with SUBDERE, Ministry of Interior, to discuss the possibility of obtaining funds to help 2 of our partners, Maule and Sarmiento cooperatives.



          Start of Project “Technology Diffusion Program for Cooperative Water and Sanitation” with CIESCOOP U. of Santiago, and financing of Innova-Chile, in order to carry out diffusion of technologies in the field of rural drinking water and sanitation.

          FESAN, with support from the IDB and UN-HABITAT has recently participated in a mission to CINARA Technological Institute of the Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia, Latin America’s center of excellence for sustainable water resources management and sanitation.

          As a result of this mission, shortly will come to Chile two experts who will visit our cooperative partner Maule, in order to design the reconstruction and commissioning of biological treatment sewage systems that were destroyed by the earthquake of February 27.



          2 experts from CINARA visited the Maule Cooperative, and we are waiting the report to begin with the preliminary reconstruction design of the lagoons. Following this visit, an Application to the Embassy of Australia was generated to apply for funding to help the restoration. When we have the report, also we will consider apply to Subdere requesting funds for the project and rebuild.

          Within the project “Technology Diffusion and Program Management for Cooperatives APR” fieldwork surveys to 26 cooperatives that are the target of this project in its initial stage begins.

          Also as part of this project, the mission to CINARA, Cali, Colombia is performed, to prospect Ecological treatment of wastewater and community management schemes, with very good results.



          As part of the project with CIESCOOP, we perform a technological tour to Rosario, Argentina, to the Federation of Cooperatives of Water Santa Fe, UCAPFE, with the mission to prospect water and sanitation technologies, and cooperative management, which was also very successful.                                    

          The first workshop of this project was also carried out with the participation of 20 cooperatives in the U. of Santiago.

          We participated in a meeting convened by the SISS, to discuss the topic of information required under the new law for rural sanitation services under discussion in Congress.



          FESAN has been invited to participate in the Private Sector Forum, PSF, organized by the United Nations, which calls on private sector to encourage and assist in meeting the Millennium Development Goals, MDG, which will be developed on September 22 in New York.


          Also participates in two meetings with the Ministry of Public Works for the purpose of presenting the organization as a community service organization for development and integration for rural sanitation services.




          Organization, in conjunction with the Cooperative La Compañia de Graneros of VI Region, of the seminar “Green Technologies for Wastewater Treatment”, with large turnout and interest of cooperative W&S services attending the event.


          Participation in the Private Sector Forum of the United Nations, with optimum results in terms of the dissemination of our Federation and contacts.

Also made ​​the commitment to the United Nations to develop seven community    learning centers in rural area of ​​central Chile, in order to train and help improve the management of community organizations for water and sanitation, as well as disseminating environmental technologies for wastewater treatment.


          The President of FESAN is also invited by Dr. Ana Maria Peredo, Director of the Centre for Co-operative & Community Based Economy at the University of Victoria in Canada, in order to present their experience in the development of the Federation, as well as his participation in the UN PSF, which takes place on September 28th with students the School of Business of the University.


          Programming of the “International Seminar on Community Management and Sanitation with Green Technologies for Rural Sanitation for December 6th and 7th 2010, organized by FESAN and the Institute for Research in Water Supply, Sanitation and Water Resources Conservation, CINARA of Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia and the International Centre for Social and Cooperative Economy, CIESCOOP of USACH.

Funded by: Inter-American Development Bank, UN-HABITAT and

Sponsored by: Ministry of Public Works, DOH, DGOP, SISS.



          Begins the second phase of dissemination, of the FESAN – CIESCOOP Project, funded by Innova-Chile.



          With great success and attendance of organizations and cooperatives of rural water and sanitation, as well as all related government agencies, the International Seminar on Community Management and Sanitation with Green Technologies for Rural Sanitation in USACH is performed. Presentations and images can be seen in




          FESAN was invited by UN-HABITAT to participate as a speaker at the World Water Day in Cape Town, South Africa on March 22, featuring Mr. Guillermo Saavedra a work prepared by himself and Mariela Garcia from Cinara, entitled FESAN-CINARA INITIATIVE, which contains the proposal to create Community Learning Centers in W&S, which was widely celebrated as a good way to improve the technological and managerial skills of small communities through structured learning. You can see the presentation on the website of FESAN,


          FESAN is invited to present the work “Community Learning Centers in W&S” developed by the sociologist Mariela Garcia from CINARA Institute U. del Valle, Colombia, and Guillermo Saavedra, President of FESAN, in the 3rd Smallwat11 Congress in Seville, Spain. This mission was made possible through the sponsorship of UN-HABITAT and the IDB under the GWOPA program.


          Within WOP LAC program funded and supported by the IADB, UN-HABITAT and IWA, the President and members of FESAN, Cooperatives Hospital-Champa and Requegua, represented by its Manager, Jose Daniel Salas and its President, Manuel Moran, respectively, the advisory technical Igor Ruz, Marta Sepúlveda, an official of the SISS, and David Torres, adviser to the Ministry of Public Works of Chile, serve a successful mission in Cali, Colombia, where they participate along with representatives from Aquacol and Superintendency of Public Services,  on knowledge of administrative and tariff systems for small rural operators.

          On this occasion, FESAN President Guillermo Saavedra signs with the CINARA Director of the Universidad del Valle, Ines Restrepo, a Memorandum of Understanding to develop joint actions on the issue of project development on sustainable water and sanitation services.



          Important knowledge visit to wastewater treatment system with earthworms, Lombrifiltros “El Melon”, invited by UNTEC from the University of Chile. Numerous partners of FESAN and other cooperatives and organizations participated in the event organized by Ciescoop and FESAN.

          With a full day of activities and with great attendance of W&S cooperatives, on Wednesday September 14th  successfully finishes the FESAN Ciescoop Project, a project which for 1 year and a half, technological and managerial issues were developed for 25 small operators of central Chile.

This significant project, funded by CORFO InnovaChile allowed diagnosing, assessing and training of these operators in areas such as administration and accounting, and operation of water and sanitation schemes with natural technologies.

Ultimately, empower representatives of these communities so that better prepared, they can decide how to manage their systems, which technologies are most appropriate for their reality in economic terms, and capacity, efficiency and environmental issues.

Certificates of attendance were given, and then finish off that day with a wine of honor.


          The AGUA2011 event is held in Cali, Colombia, this time addressing the issue “Ecosystems and Society, Vision, limits and implementation of Ecosystem Services in a Changing World.”

                                          On this occasion the President of FESAN, Guillermo Saavedra, was invited to present their work together with engineers Miguel Peña Cinara and Luis Carlos Rios Timagua, “Recovery Post-Earthquake System Stabilization Ponds Wastewater Cooperative Maule, Chile.





          On January 24, in the city of Talca, FESAN President signs the contract with the City of Maule, for the implementation of the Study “SYSTEM RECOVERY of WASTEWATER DECONTAMINATION OF MAULE SANITATION SERVICES COOPERATIVE”, through which this brings $ 15 million funding from the Government of Chile, to start the project mentioned above, and which will lay the technical, social and environmental basis for the reconstruction of the community decontamination system of the town of Maule.

             This project will be developed by FESAN and CINARA.





The objective of this project is the development of design engineering from FESAN and the CINARA Institute at the University of the Valley of Colombia, to start the system recovery project community wastewater decontamination of the Commune of Maule, and recover the operational capacity it had before the earthquake of February 27, 2010. 

The project has been materialized with the valuable support of the IADB, UN HABITAT and the Government of Chile, through the Municipality of Maule, and the active participation of the community, forming a team of very active and successful management.




          FESAN was invited to participate in a Workshop on Water Security, organized by the IWA and UN HABITAT to be held in Quito, Ecuador between October 29 and November 2. To do this, traveled the Advisor Engineer, Operations Supervisor of Champa Hospital Cooperative, and President of FESAN. From the lessons learned we hope to perform a similar workshop suitable to the rural reality of Chile.





          Proyecto de Recuperación de Lagunas de Tratamiento de la Cooperativa Maule. Entrega de observaciones al Informe para proceder con la solicitud de resolución sanitaria al Servicio de Salud del Maule.


          Signing of the Agreement with IDB’s MIF prepared by FESAN together with the CINARA and Ciescoop called “COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTERS IN WATER AND SANITATION” to be funded by the Multilateral Investment Fund of the IDB, MIF, in the amount of USD150. 000, which aims at the integration of rural water and sanitation operators, to improve management and develop technical skills in the treatment of wastewater with eco technologies. Has a duration of 18 months.

June to November

          Education Project “Sewage and Environmental Sanitation” in the towns of Champa and Hospital, held at the Schools Gregorio Morales and Elias Sánchez in towns of Hospital and Champa, for 10 teachers and 194 students of 7th, 8 th,

          and 3rd and 4th grades, funded by Avina.



          Participation of the President of FESAN as a speaker of the work “Community Learning Centers in Rural Water and Sanitation” in the 3rd Congress of the IWA (3rd IWA Development Congress and Exhibition), Nairobi, Kenya, 14 to 17 October.



          FESAN Participation in the 2nd World Congress of WOP, Barcelona, ​​November 27th– 29th.

Two papers were presented. The first, “Community Learning Centers in Rural Water and Sanitation,” by Guillermo Saavedra and second by Miguel Peña from CINARA, during the session of Risk Management, “Post earthquake recovery wastewater decontamination system at Maule W&S Cooperative, Chile “



January – March

          Execution of the project access to water for 50 families, by extending water pipes in Las Bodegas, Hospital. Service attended by the Cooperative Hospital Champa. Funded by Avina and Coca Cola.



          President’s participation in the World Congress of GWP, Trinidad & Tobago.



          Participation of the President at the 5th Meeting of the Latin American Federation of Community Organizations for Water and Sanitation, San Carlos, Costa Rica



          Final approval by Ministry of Health and the Municipality of Maule of Design “Post Earthquake Recovery of Community Wastewater System decontamination Maule Cooperative”




              Participation in “Strategies of Water Operators on the Protection of sources and Watersheds: Challenges and Opportunities”, organized by IDB and WOP-LAC, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 25 and 26 November.


              Participation in the 4th Meeting of ALOAS, Latin American Association of Water and Sanitation Operators, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 27 and 28 November.



            Inauguration and launching of the Unified Capacity Building Program, PUFC, together with FENAPRU and sponsored by AVINA. December 18, in Cooperativa La Compañía de Graneros, VI Region, Chile.

                                           Program for 22 rural small operators Metropolitan, V and VI regions, and will feature 8 workshops with a total duration of 8 months